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T-Shirt Cannon

The T-Shirt cannon made its reappearance for the first time this year at the Pep Rally. Several lucky students got to catch the shirts shot from the machine and it was a success all-around. Club members worked hard to ensure the success of the event, a feat obviously appreciated by the cheering crowd of students. […]

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The T-Shirt Cannon Returns

Sponsors Needed The t-shirt cannon was out again Friday at the football team’s big win against Fontainebleau. Everyone had a great time, and we plan to bring the cannon out again as often as possible this season. We need sponsors for the upcoming games. If you are interested in sponsoring our t-shirt cannon, please email us […]

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Red Stick Rumble!

On Saturday, September 12, Mandeville High School Robotics FRC Team 2992 participated in the Red Stick Rumble off-season FIRST Robotics Competition in Baton Rouge. The competition game was Recycle Rush. Our team was a member of the winning alliance! The other teams on the winning alliance were from Destrehan High and University High. This fall, […]

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Keeping Mandeville Beautiful

This weekend, Mandeville Robotics participated in Keep Mandeville Beautiful alongside Mandeville High School’s Science Alliance. This event happens twice a year, and we are proud to say that we are a part of keeping our community clean and picturesque.

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