Mandeville Robotics keeps busy. We appreciate all that they’ve done for us and try to give back through participating in and hosting events. This season alone, we’ve participated in Keep Mandeville Beautiful and St. Paul’s project to feed the needy around Christmastime. We’ve presented to the city council and reached out to local businesses. We built a t-shirt cannon to use at our school’s football gaes. We’re doing all we can to get involved in our community and would love for you to join us!


Annually, we participate in Red Stick Rumble and Bayou Regional, as well as occasionally competing in other regionals and the world championship. Visit the Competitions page for more information.

Robotics Summer Camp

We have a one week camp for children entering 5th to 9th grade, teaching them about the wonderful world of robots and engineering! We will be having another summer camp in 2016. Visit the Summer Camp page for more information.


For an accessible calendar to keep track of everything we do, visit the Calendar.

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