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Mandeville High School Robotics was established in 2008. We began competing in 2009 as FIRST robotics team 2992. Here’s what’s going on with our team!


City Council Expo

Posted October 26th, 2015 by Abigail E.

On September 10th, Team 2992 had the opportunity to showcase their 2015 robot in front of city council members. Team officers educated Mandeville citizens on our competitions, budget, and FTC team activities. It was a great way to reach out to the community and to spread the word of FIRST!


Performance at the 2015 Bayou Regional

Team 2992 competed once again at the Bayou Regional at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, LA. Unfortunately, Team 2992 was not chosen by an alliance to move on to the playoffs.

There is one small upside though. While at the regional, we were informed that our team was moved off of the waiting list for the World Championships in St. Louis! Congrats to all teams who performed at the Bayou Regional, and we’ll see you all in St. Louis!


Performance at the 2014 FTC Regional

Posted February 4th, 2015 by Kayla M.

FTC Team recently competed at the regional competition Baton Rouge.

  • Ranked 11th overall, but had the 5th highest scoring robot at the qualifying event.
  • Won the Motivate award and will be moving on to the Southeast Texas Regional in Houston.


New Year, New Team!

Posted August 31st, 2014 by Abigail E.

Any new team members must complete not only their school registration, but also the STIMS sign-up here. STIMS Youth Information requires both a student-submitted form and a parent confirmation. STIMS forms MUST be submitted in order for new members to be considered an official part of the team.\

Performance at 2014 Bayou Regional

Posted April 9th, 2014 by Abigail E.

From April 3rd to April 5th, we once again competed in our home regional in Kenner, LA. In the first round of semifinals, however, we experienced robot complications and ended up losing against the 3rd seed alliance. Here’s how we did:

  • Placed 9th after Qualification Rounds
  • Captain of the 6th alliance
  • We teamed up with Team 3753 (BulahBots) and Team 4209 (Tigerbytes)
  • W/L record of 7-5-0

Performance at 2014 Arkansas Regional

Posted March 11th, 2014 by Abigail E.

Arkansas provided a warm welcome at their regional in Searcy, Arkansas and gave Team 2992 the pleasure of competing against some great teams. All of our team members, parents, and sponsor’s support helped us end up with these accomplishments:

  • Ranked 9th after Qualification Rounds
  • Picked by the 3rd seed (4522: Team SCREAM)
  • Regional Finalist with a W/L record of 12-7-0
  • Won the Gracious Professionalism Award

2014 Kickoff and Beginning the Year!

Posted January 9th, 2014 by Ryan P.

This year started off with the annual FRC robotic kickoff at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, where this year’s game was released: Aerial Assist! This year is off to a great start with many exciting things occuring! This year, along with the Bayou Regional, we will also be attending the Arkansas Regional at Harding Universtiy in Searcy, Arkansas. Let’s make this season great with hard work and dedication! See you there!

Aerial Assist Video:             

Arkansas Regional: March 6-8

Performance at 2013 Bayou Regional

Posted April 2nd, 2013 by Grant B.

Woah, it’s already over!?  The S.S. Prometheus had a blast at Bayou 2013, and we wish to heartily thank all the sponsors, parents, teachers, and mentors for giving us a great year.  This blogpost is gonna be a doozy, so for starters here’s the short list of our accomplishments this year:

  • Ranked 8th after Qualification Rounds
  • ​Picked by the 5th seed (364: Team Fusion)
  • Finished in Quarterfinals with a W/L record of 9-4-0
  • Won the 2013 Judges’ Award

In case you’re not already aware, our 2013 robot Viper​ focused entirely on the pyramid climbing aspect of Ultimate Ascent.  We figured that with a robust design that could reliably score 54 points (2 Autonomous Disks + 30-Point-Hang + 4 Colored Disks) we could perform as well as a robot that threw frisbees.  Our strategy was extremely effective and turned a lot of heads.  The only other robot to approach a similar design was our good friends 1421: Team Chaos.  This strategy was so effective it often times meant we were the primary target for defensive robots.  This is where problems arose.  In order to climb the pyramid, we wanted to keep the robot light.  This meant a light drive train consisting of 2 CIM motors and 4 wheels.  As we soon learned, 2 CIMs won’t win a pushing contest.  For the most part though, our top-notch drive team was able to outmaneuver D-bots and score our goal of 54 points rather consistently.  After leading a record with only 2 losses during qualifiers, we were seeded 8th.  We were picked by the 5th seed and our beautiful alliance was formed: 364, 2992, and 3616.  We won our 2nd elimination match by an impressive margin but were sadly defeated in quarterfinals.  At the awards ceremony we were overjoyed to receive the Judges’ Award.  And we learned a valuable lesson: next year, we’re going no less than 6 CIMs and 8 wheels!

Our next event this year will be our annual FLL engineering summer camp.  Stay tuned for more info or feel free to send us an email via our contact page.

Bayou Regional is Live!

Posted March 21st, 2013 by Grant B.

Above is the official webcast for Bayou Regional, and if it’s live right now, get comfy.  You’re not leaving that seat.  Try.  I dare you.  Oh what’s that?  Did 2992 just score 56 points again?  Oh how swell.  If you wanna keep track of our scores, head on over to TheBlueAlliance, the best resource for stalking FIRST teams.

Viper: The Next Generation

Posted March 11th, 2013 by Brad G.

Watch on as the new product of S.S. Prometheus rolls of onto the field.  This strategically built bot is our smallest, lightest, and fastest bot to date.  Will it prove itself?  We shall see;  Bayou Regional is a week away!

Build Season has Entered Week 6!

Test footage from 2/8/13

Our 2013 robot is  nearly complete!  We have built a bot this year with a heavy emphasis on strategy.  We can climb the pyramid for 30 bonus points in 30 seconds at the end of the round, and additionally we will extend a “pizza box” out and over the central goal to dump 4 frisbees for an extra 20 points.  This means we’ve established an effective and consistent plan for scoring 50 points each game.  You can see a prototype demonstration in the video on our YouTube channel.

Build Season has Begun!

Game animation courtesy of NASA

The FRC game of 2013 has been announced: Ultimate Ascent!  This means we’ll be meeting daily, so be sure to check our news feeds for anything you missed.

Also, you need to watch the video to the right and have a thorough understanding of the rules by our first meeting tomorrow.  Bayou Regional starts March 22, so be sure to save the date.  We look forward to seeing you there (and kicking some butt while we’re at it)!

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