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Our Expenditures:


2015 Budget Graph

 As a multi-faceted high school organization, we manage all aspects of our brand including financing. FIRST  Robotics Competition (FRC), being a sophisticated and technology-oriented competition, has a high cost of entry with regional sign-up fees in the range of $6,000. This year we hope to enter multiple regional competitions so that we may increase our chances of reaching the national FIRST Championship. Overall, we attempt to raise a minimum of $30,000 annually in order to continue operating and spreading STEM to our community.

Sponsorship Levels per school year:

$3,000+ “Diamond Level” – Name or logo in largest print on our website, t-shirts, banner, and robot, and appended to the official team name announced at the beginning or a competition (“Team 2992 presented by…”).

$1,000-2,999 “Platinum Level” – Name or logo in big print on our website, t-shirts. Your name/logo will be placed on our banner.

$500-$999 “Gold Level” – Name or logo is in medium print on our website and t-shirts.

$300-$499  “Silver Level” – Name is in small print on the website. and t-shirts

$200- $299 “Bronze Level” – Name is in small print on our website’s front page.

$1-199 “Copper Level” – We appreciate you – every bit helps!


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