We build robots & so much more!

Welcome to Mandeville High School’s 10 year old robotics program. We are a FIRST Robotics team and compete as, “Team 2992 The S.S. Prometheus.” We are growing rapidly as robotics teams have reached our feeder schools and prospective students are attending our summer camps.  We are the STEM kids, engineers, mathematicians, fundraisers, website designers, photographers, leaders, innovators, and more. We  have adult mentors and volunteers who jump in long or short term, and guide our student run team in their areas of expertise,

Prospective Students:

If you would like to join our team, please send us an email, contact a team member, or join us on a Wednesday after school. We are characterized by teamwork, dedication, and innovation. We take our jobs seriously, but still have fun in the process. Robotics meetings and builds are a great time to get together with friends, create amazing things, and enjoy the process.


If you are seeking a program where your child can gain experience in robotics, programming, 3D design, engineering, or anything mechanical, our program is perfect for your child. In addition to this, students can learn about leadership, fundraising, graphic design, and more. Whether you or your child is interested in art, engineering, or building, we could use your talents! We pride ourselves on having a place for anyone and everyone.

If you are already a parent in the team, and want to help out please consider the following:

  • Providing lunch during events.
  • Providing rides for students to and from events.
  • Becoming a mentor if you have a specialized talent that can help the team.

Without the parents we would not be here (literally).  We also thank every parent for all the time they put into the club and everything they do!


We are very lucky to have our mentors in this team. They guide us through all the tasks of a build and show us the way of becoming a productive group. Without them, we would not be able to do what we do today.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, see the Mentor Us page above and learn more on how you can become a key component of our club. Mentors are the ones that teach and guide us through the various processes necessary to being a productive robotics team. Please feel free to send us an email if you have any interest in mentoring or sponsoring our team!

The Team:

As a team, we plan to have one great year after another. We will continue to create robots for their intended goals and also learn how to do many things along the way. We build and create new things each year; we support ourselves and strive to excel in the competitions we attend; we learn about the financials and management necessary to  have this team compete. We grow to know each other and work together seamlessly. We compose ourselves to work around the goal, and push ourselves beyond that goal.

Our team is made of many parts and cannot function with any of them missing. This is what Mandeville Robotics is about!

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