The individual student is the foundation of this team, and each one works together to achieve the same goal. All participate in multiple activities revolving around the goal, and we become well rounded within the team. They are the passionate source of this team, and are the ones who lead, follow, and make this team.

Want to become a student involved with the Team 2992?

Contact us by email, find another active student within the club, or just show up at a meeting.

Elected Officers

Team Captain – Oliver C.

Outreach Captain – Gerad G.

Fundraising Captain – Felicity K.

Build Captains – Payton B. and Donovan B.

Secretary/Treasurer – Austin J.

Media Captain – Chris P.

Appointed Officers

Programming Captain – Reid J.

Scouting Captain – Gerad G.

CAD Captain CJ B.

Spirit Captain – Zelle O.

Quartermaster – Loki O.

Learn Important Skills

While our main focus and goal is building awesome robots, we also teach other skills such as marketing, fundraising, media, web design, and art. As a member you will learn leadership, teamwork, and FIRST’s favorite: gracious professionalism. Our team focuses on the value of competition through both winning and losing, all while maintaining a positive attitude.